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Cooppellet is synonymous with guarantee, innovation and professionalism: thanks to ten years of experience gained in the renewable energy sector we are able to offer our customers efficient solutions, with an excellent quality-price ratio. Our activity, supplier of heating systems in Udine, installs heating and cooling systems: pellet stoves, air conditioners, heat pumps, solar thermal panels and much more. We guarantee a series of sale complementary services, in order to support the customer in every phase, in particular during the definition phase of the project. We are committed, in fact, to seek fundings and subsidies for the installation or replacement of a heating system.
We also offer targeted assistance in the after-sales phase, providing a maintenance service on any installed system. This allows to preserve the correct functioning of the system and to reduce consumption as much as possible.
Contact us now to have advices: our technical staff will provide you with the best solutions for your needs.

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Our offer includes all heating systems such as pellet, wood and gas. We always guarantee a valid design support.

These are innovative solutions for domestic use, which can significantly reduce energy costs. Contact us to take advantage of important benefits.

From the single split to the most complex plants, Cooppellet takes care of the whole process: from the inspection to the project, to the installation and after-sales maintenance.

Systems for the control and treatment of water for domestic use: limestone indicator, hardness test and many other specific tests.

Through video inspections it is possible to check for obstructions, breakages or anomalies of the installed system, in order to avoid any risks to places or people.

With the use of diagnostic techniques it is possible to identify anomalies of the system, such as leaks of water, gas or heat loss.
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