Young and dynamic company



Our company was founded in 2012. It is therefore a young and dynamic business that has inherited past decades of experience. Cooppellet in Udine has a great professionalism in renewable energy. As a niche product, this sector has had a fast increase, becoming more and more a common need. In fact, increasingly consumers are turning to this type of heating system, requiring the installation of pellet stoves and boilers, solar thermal panels, heat pumps and much more.

The Italian Cooperative Consumers Renewable Energies Soc. Coop. is the first national organization devoted exclusively to renewable energy sources. Originally born as a pellet buying group, this partnership has evolved over time becoming a real consumer cooperative.


Cooppellet aims to transfer the undisputed advantages in terms of cost and quality to the entire renewable supply chain (maintenance, consultancy, purchase of plants and purchase of biofuels) that had previously been obtained with the pellet buying group.

Our reality is addressed to all those use renewable energy: it is also possible to find spare parts and accessories useful for the optimization of the plants, at convenient prices. Moreover, our services are dedicated to those who approach this sector for the first time.

DIn fact, we will give you essential and valuable advices that will clarify some aspects, even to those people who intend to make use of these innovative and convenient heating systems.

To find out more about our offers, contact our staff.