Udine Pellet and wood heating


Cutting-edge systems


Qualified staff

Cooppellet markets and installs pellet and wood heating systems in Udine. Among the proposals that you can buy you will find stoves, medium and large sized boilers, hot air generators and pellet burners. Our technical staff identifies and designs the ideal system, in relation to the intended use and customer needs.

So we can create customized systems and solutions, based on the real thermal needs of the environments. Our main objective is to support customers during all the phases of the process: from those related to the design up to the sale and the final installation of the plant.

To complete the services, we guarantee an accurate after-sales assistance. Starting from the inspection, we will develop the most appropriate offer to customer needs.


Gas heating

Our professional team creates a wide range of gas heating systems. Our solutions include stoves, boilers and gas fireplaces. All our products are made and designed for any aesthetic and functional need.

For this reason they can easily suit to any living space. We have established a fruitful partnership over time, with important companies, in order to offer a excellent quality product, installed in full compliance with current regulations. Our solutions are efficient and functional as well as made using the latest technology.

For further information about our facilities contact us: our staff is always at your disposal to find the solutions that best suit your every need.