Udine Air conditioning systems



Cooppellet provides components for air conditioning systems in Udine and refrigeration for the residential, industrial, commercial and mobile sectors. Our goal is to combine the best components to provide customized subsystems, kits, collectors and assemblies with value-added and leak-proof.

Here you can find components for refrigeration systems, including dryer filters, valves and pressure regulators for use in supermarkets, air conditioning units and much more. Professionalism, efficiency and care for our customer are some characteristics that make us a winning business as well as the reference point for all those who are looking for technologically advanced solutions at affordable prices.

Whatever your request, we are always able to make it happen.


Complete service

From the single split up to the most complex plants: the Cooppellet team takes care of the whole executive construction, starting from the installation up to the after-sales maintenance. Private customers are our target audience.

However, we are able to install and design plants also for the industrial sector. Our company is a point of reference for all those who want to learn more about the renewable energy sector. We have a great expertise in the field and we offer innovative solutions to meet any kind of request. Originally niche products, renewable energy sources are currently even more demanded by customers.

In fact, more and more consumers decide to install pellet stoves and boilers, solar thermal panels, heat pumps and many other solutions, characterized by extreme efficiency and great functionality.