Udine Solar thermal systems


Renewable energy


Renewable energy

We have paid particular attention over time, to the renewable energy sector. Our team designs and installs modern and extremely functional solar thermal plants in Udine. These solutions use solar energy for domestic heating or water.

Our solar thermal systems are a precious alternative to the more classic boiler, even if they can be used in synergy with the latest generation plants, wood or pellet. It is thus possible to optimize their operation and greatly reduce costs. The solar collector, also called solar panel, represents the device on which this modern technology is based. This element has inside a heat transfer fluid placed in a solar circuit that will take it to an accumulator.

The latter element stores as much thermal energy as possible, used afterwards if necessary.


Solar system

A solar system consists of a fluid storage tank and one or more collectors, which transfer the heat of the sun to the fluid. There are different types on the market: from the simple copper sheet covered by a special black coil, to the selective panel treated with titanium dioxide (TINOX), up to the vacuumized absorber.

In the first two cases the absorber is adequately protected through a tempered glass, which can be refractive. There are four types of systems: natural circulation, forced circulation, emptying and concentration with solar tracker. These are cutting-edge solutions that enable high performance and satisfy any kind of need.

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