Udine Thermography


Innovative tools

The Cooppellet team is specialized in thermography in Udine. It is a non-destructive diagnostic technique able to accurately determine the surface temperature by measuring the infrared radiation emitted by a body.

They are made maps, in false colors, representing the areas under investigation. These maps associate the related temperature with a corresponding color through the use of particularly sensitive instruments, able to reach even a few hundredths of a degree. The mapping of the surface temperature is of fundamental importance in order to evaluate the conservative state of the same materials.

Elements at different temperatures indicate degradation pathologies in progress on the analyzed technological plant or on the building.


Thermographic tests

Thermographic investigations have recently had a strong increase. Many articles and texts have been written on the subject and we hear about thermography applied on numerous occasions. With the introduction of regulations relating to energy saving in Italy, thermography is considered as one of the best method, essential for verifying the building condition.

Through the analysis of the energy consumption of a building it is possible to observe how most of the energy consumption (about 70%) derives precisely from overheating. Then there are consumption due to electricity and consumption for domestic hot water. Totally irrelevant are those related to lighting and kitchen gas. The thermographic survey analyzes the entire building condition, thus highlighting the anomalies present and trying to solve the lacks of the same in the best possible way.

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