Udine Video Inspection Service


Micro video camera

Thanks to the experience gained over time in the field of building and plant engineering, the Cooppellet staff guarantees an efficient video inspection service in Udine. To carry out a video inspection, it is used a special color and high definition micro camera, connected to a video recording system.

The insertion of the micro-camera inside the flue pipe allow to detect all the characteristics or anomalies: breakages, obstructions, cracks, element parting, discontinuities, deviations, curves, section reduction, presence of soot and of creosotes, derivations, irregular situations and illegal connections.

Constant monitoring and careful inspection, through the use of modern and efficient methods such as video inspection, allow you to keep your chimney in perfect condition and under control.


Efficiency and safety

One of the advantages offered by this technique is the possibility to check the state of conservation and maintenance in a safe and non-invasive way. A video inspection properly performed by experts in the field, provides the customer with many advantages.

With this type of intervention you can acquire detailed information on the status and operation of the flue, as well as on the type of any obstructions present. The video inspection, in addition to being fundamental, avoiding expensive and often unnecessary repair works, also allows a considerable saving, related to both timing and costs.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art methods, Cooppellet is able to prevent possible problems, setbacks or emergencies. A regular video inspection is fundamental to save time and money.