Udine domestic water treatment



Cooppellet offers to its customers innovative solutions for domestic water treatment in Udine: hardness test, limestone indicator and many other specific tests. All products available to customers are very efficient.

Among them you can also find cleaners and softeners. Drinking water contains molecules of water, as well as a large quantity of other substances. It is easily solvable in other elements: the water that falls to the ground during the rains releases substances, particles and gases, like oxygen, that can be found in the air.

Also the pollutants founded in the air dissolve in the rainwater. When the water on the surface circulates on the ground it dissolves at the same time many substances, such as grains of sand, organic matter, microorganisms and minerals.


Water treatment

The water absorbed by the ground becomes groundwater, containing inside a large quantity of dissolved minerals. This is due to the contact with the land itself and the rocks. Some human activities, such as agriculture, in addition to the discharge of industrial waste and black water, determine the presence of a certain quantity of polluting substances in the water.

Most pathogenic microorganisms are removed from the water during the first purification steps. However, water disinfestation is an essential process to make drinking water extremely safe and not harmful to health. With our water purification systems you can increase safety and thus achieve higher quality for your consumption.

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